Name: Yorkdale Shopping Centre - Parkade E
Address: 1037 Yorkdale Rd, Toronto, ON M6A, Canada
Description: Charger 3 (middle station) broken. The right plug will seem to work but outputs near zero power, your car will not charge properly. 10x J1772 6.6kW ChargePoint (5x dual-connector stations). Located in Parkade E (East) under Nordstrom, North side of P1. Once you enter the parking, go straight, then turn left immediately after the ramp to P2. The chargers will be on your left, nestled beside the P2 ramp. Parking is free, but no commuter parking--if you leave the mall at any point and leave your car, you can be ticketed. Charging is $2/hr, $5 max--you need a ChargePoint card or their phone app, or an RFID credit card to pay. This listing is for the 10 J1772 chargers in Parkade E - there are separate listings for the 4 J1772s in Parkade G (Southwest) and a restricted listing for the Tesla store-only chargers. If ICE'd, or EV'd by a vehicle not plugged in, please note vehicle description and plate #, take a photo, and call Yorkdale Security at 416-256-5097 to report. If security refuses to at least write a ticket, advise speaking to mall's general manager.
Phone: 4167893261
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