Name: IKEA Vaughan
Address: 200 Interchange Way, Vaughan, ON L4K 5C3
Description: Two L2 and two L3 charging stations. Map pin location is accurate. 2x L2 48A Sun Country Highway chargers with 4 EV parking spaces. Across the sidewalk, 2x 50kW L3 fast chargers, each is dual-standard CHAdeMO/CCS. L3s have 4 spaces "reserved for low emissions vehicles". You need to use a credit card to activate, but charging is currently free. Use the kiosk by the sidewalk to activate the chargers. Additional 6xL2 next door at the Toronto Region Conservation Authority's head office, if these two are in use. Also 2x L3 there but $15 per use vs these free ones.
Phone: 1 866-866-4532
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